Another successful flight!

The new day has started as an ordinary day, driving to the airbase, do some maintenance to Lynx 19202, this one is almost flying after 10 months stored.
In the afternoon I went to Tires, LPCS, aerodrome to another instruction flight. This time I was flying the TB-10 Tobago with the registration CS-DDT. This flight was dedicated to one thing only, aproaches. So after departing from Tires I intercepted radial 360 from ESP VOR inbound the station, there, I trainned my instrument proficiency by doing some holdings until the ATC give me a clearance to beggin the aproach procedure, a ILS to rwy 03 of Lisboa Airport, LPPT, after the low pass the ATC instructed me to intercept again de Final Aproach Fix to another aproach and another low pass, after that we proceeded to CAS VOR in order to beggin a 8nm DME Arc starting at radial 240 to intercept radial 172 for a VOR DME aproach to rwy 35 of Tires Aerodrome, LPCS.

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