Flying day…

It’s 8 o’clock in the morning and Léavia’s Hangar is being open in order to start another Flying day. Temperature is about 2 degrees celsius and as we were pushing the aircraft outside our hands were getting purple as we touch the cold skin of them. But… I’m still happy as a small boy, after all it’s another flying day to Me. This time the airplane is the Socata TB-9 Tampico, registered as CS-DAA. Except the longer time waiting for the engine to warm up, ground operations were normal and we managed to get to holding position of runway 35 in 2nd. After all ground procedures we departed inbound Trafaria in order to proceed to Espichel for another Instrument training flight. To finish the lesson we executed a VOR-DME approach to Cascais Aerodrome, LPCS, with cross winds from 090 with 14 kts. In general the flight was very consistent and pleasant. Can’t barely wait for the next one.
Photo: Carlos Gomes – APEA.PT

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