Same Type of aircraft, same destination but a new way to get there

What more can I say about today’s flight. Again a Cessna 172, by Reims Rocket, again VFR navigation do Portimão, LPPM, but this time I made all way down via shore line. Ok, I confess that this flight was really a visual flight, more like a scenic flight I should say. The flight started with the departure from Cascais, LPCS, inbound Trafaria and heading South. When we passed Setubal we proceeded South via shore line admiring the magnificent views of the southeast of Alentejo and Costa Vicentina, all way down to Sagres. After Sagres we turned left and continue following shore line until we reached Lagos.
After Lagos we headed towards Portimão Aerodrome, LPPM, for a serie of three touch an go followed by a full stop, and that was it, from Portimão to Cascais was another student pilot who brought the plane. So I made the return flight on the backseat just enjoying the views.

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