Back from another mission

It’s the End of another successful mission on board the Portuguese frigate N.R.P. “Corte Real”, and it’s even more successful because my “Flight”, the 19th. Helicopter detachment, finally finish the flight deck qualification. There was just one thing to do to finish this qualification, and that was the night flying exercise, in order to practice normal operating procedures and emergency procedures at night. During all days of this mission we had flight operations with “our” Lynx and with the Lynx that was aboard the Portuguese frigate N.R.P. “Bartolomeu Dias”, this one operated by the 18th flight, the Bacardi Flight.

The mission was composed by two different parts, first was the internal training only with Portuguese Navy Ships, and then in the second part there was the participation of one Spanish frigate, two French destroyers, one French carrier. About the aircraft used, we had participating in the exercise two Westland Lynx Mk95, some Westland Lynx Mk4, Dassault Rafale, Dassault Super Etendard, Aerospatiale Dauphin and Gruman E2-C Hawk Eye among others. Pictures were all taken by Me, except the one were I stand that was taken by Luís Vitorino.

Me on the right side

Bartolomeu Dias positioning behind Us

Bartolomeu Dias at our side during a rough sea day

French Aircraft Carrier Charles de Gaulle

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