Portuguese Corvettes

Before working with helicopters in the Portuguese Navy I passed a period that I was in comission in one of our ships. In fact I spent 5 years sailing in two different Portuguese Corettes, the N.R.P. João Roby and the N.R.P. João Coutinho.

N.R.P. João Roby

N.R.P. João Coutinho
The reason why I bring this to this blog is because of certain type of operations that does ships do. These ships belong to a fleet of corvettes that are at the moment responsible for tha SAR service in both FIR, Lisbon and Santa Maria. During sea training it’s very common to see the SAR Portuguese Air Force Helicopter doing approach training in order to maintain a High level of training and qualification of personnel. I would like to share with you some pictures of this:

But I passed all my time hearing stories about the Portuguese Helicopter Allouette III, landing on this decks, so I’ve checked out and gess what? I’ve found a picture of that on the Internet, An Allouette III in the Portuguese Corvette N.R.P. António Enes, same class of N.R.P. João Coutinho.

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