Back in the sky!

It has been a while since the last time that I posted something about Myself. The fact is that there wasn’t much to tell really because My flight license took to long to be ready and now my logbook is again under INAC possession in order do register the MCC rating and the English level 5.

During this “free time” Me and a friend of mine come in a journey to find a suitable and cheap place to buy some hours and build flight time. Our choice was a small company based in Cascais Aerodrome, LPCS, called Aeropiloto.

Aeropiloto is a small company with one Cessna 152 and one 172, they also have maintenance service to light aircraft.

Yesterday was the checkride flight so that the company could rent us one airplane to build some flight time. First My friend Tiago took the controls and climbed up in the sky with the instructor and after a follow that It was my time… So good to be back in the Sky. At the last part of the session Tiago and Me had the opportunity to fly together and as we said… “It was the first flight of our Airline”, Still working on a name any suggestions?

Here’s a Picture of the two Captains.

And here’s the Bluest Aircraft in town, and as Blue in Portuguese is Azul, this Cessna 152 is known as AZulBravo, instead of Alpha Zulu Bravo.
credits in the photo

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