CS-AYJ "Old Donkey"

The Reims/Cessna F150L CS-AYJ was the aircraft of my first instruction flight. Even to a 150 the YJ was slow and not a great fan of flying to high the Achilles´heel of it was it’s low rate of climb and during summer with student and flight instructor aboard was very very slow indeed. The nickname “Old Donkey” was named by a college of the ATPL class regarding it’s slow rate of… moving but always fit to the job of leading the inexperienced student pilots back to ground again.

Credits: Filipe Cardoso
As far as I could find the CS-AYJ has the manufacturer number 0916 and a previous registration in Germany as D-ECWL.
Reims-Cessna F150L CS-AYJ 0916 Cascais - LPCS
Credits: José Jorge – Jetphotos.net

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