CS-AVC Trustful machine

In Portuguese AVC is the abbreviation to cerebral vascular accident in correct english cerebrovascular accident or a stroke although flying the Cessna 152 CS-AVC couldn’t be farther of that kind of stuff.
Credits: Filipe Cardoso 

Right a few weeks since I started flying at the flight school the “AVC” had a landing accident that resulted a a considerable amount of damage a brought the aircraft to a long period of repairs in Aerotécnica Leávia’s associated company specialized in aircraft maintenance.

Credits: Filipe Cardoso
After several months of repairs and then after passing an extensive period of inspections and test flights to guarantee the airworthiness certificate to the aircraft, I was already in a more advanced level of the ATPL and so I was now flying normally more complex aircraft and flying the Cessna 150 and 152 only in cross country solo missions so it even took longer time for me to fly this bird.
Credits: Filipe Cardoso
When finally I got the opportunity to fly the “AVC” I was great! The aircraft revealed very good comparing with all other Cessna aircraft that I have flown until then probably result of the intensive repairs post accident but the machine was in great shape and even the small details were quite good.
Credits: Filipe Cardoso
Credits: Filipe Cardoso

The Cessna  152 CS-ACV has the construction number 15279621 and a previous american registration N757BY.

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