CS-AZB The Blue Angel

The Cessna CS-AZB is from Aeropiloto fleet and I flew it for the first time after completing my ATPL integrated course in a hour building flight to keep up to date. If you pay attention this aircraft figures in this blog as the wallpaper photograph.
Credits: Filipe Cardoso – Me and my friend Tiago Silva

Credits: Filipe Cardoso – My friend Tiago with the controls 

Credits: Filipe Cardoso – Walkaround

The reason for calling it Blue Angel is simple it is because this aircraft at this time is completely painted in Sky Blue with white rims and registration.
Credits: Filipe Cardoso
Credits: Filipe Cardoso
In this little fellow I’ve went to Portimão, LPPM nad Évora, LPEV and also was the aircraft on witch I took my father and girlfriend to fly for the first time with me at the controls.
Credits: Filipe Cardoso
The Cessna 152 CS-AZB has the construction number 15281900 and a previous American registration N67538 and the English G-HOSE nad G-SACA.
Credits: Daniela Ferreira – Preparing for the next flight
Credits: Daniela Ferreira

Credits: Daniela Ferreira – Daniela one of my first passengers

Credits: Filipe Cardoso – My Dad and my very first passenger

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