EC-KEX the Spanish plane

With the EC-KEX it is time to end the list of Cessnas 152 that I’ve flown until now, actually this one was the very last 152 registered in my logbook.

 Credits: Daniela Ferreira

 Credits: Daniela Ferreira

The KEX was built by Reims aviation company, in France, licensed by Cessna.

 Credits: Daniela Ferreira

 Credits: Daniela Ferreira

Until now I have flown the KEX for only one time in a round trip that took from Cascais, LPCS overflying land to Vila Nova de Milfontes and return to Cascais, LPCS by shore line showing the amazing beaches almost desert that our beautiful Portugal has.

 Credits: Daniela Ferreira

Not much to say about the KEX as it is a very capable aircraft in good shape to it’s age.

 Credits: Daniela Ferreira

As far as I could obtain information the EC-KEX has the construction number 15281796 and I found the previous registration N67380 but not confirmed.

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