Airbus A350 XWB Premium Economy Seating

Earlier this year Airbus firmed contract with Zodiac Seats to add to the A350 catalog their model Zodiac ‘5810’ Premium Economy Seat, this model offers space optimization low weight ans IFE capability.
Airbus is betting strong on it’s A350 XWB and if there is something of extreme importance to an airline is the passenger comfort and Airbus isn’t forgetting anything when it comes to comfort but also practicality and above all lightweight.
A350 XWB Zodiac 5810 Seat
Photos: Airbus

More Recently EADS-Sogerma, an Airbus Contracted Supplier optimized it’s new model, the ‘Celeste’ seat. This model is a cradle seat witch provides a higher level of comfort and also can be featured with privacy options. Seems more like an actual executive class of smaller airlines than an Economy class seat.

EADS-Sogerma A350 XWB Celeste Seat
Airbus A350 XWB Celeste Premium Seat
Photos: Airbus

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