Braga Airshow 2013

Finally some time to post about Braga Airshow.
Braga is a city up in the north of Portugal and it’s well known by it’s religious monuments mainly by the Bom Jesus do Monte and the Sameiro. Both are chapels with the surroundings shaped to bring inner peace to those who travel there to pray take a walk or just enjoy the views.

Bom Jesus do Monte – Unknown  Author
Ficheiro:Sameiro de Braga.jpg
Sameiro – Paulo Matos
Braga also has a kart and a race circuit located in Palmeira only a few kms north and the Aerodrome has it’s runway right in the middle of the race course and alongside with the finish line seem fabulous the only problem with it is that the airfield wont have the possibility to grow as it is restricted by the race circuit all around.
Braga Kart and Race Circuit and “inside” Airfield, LPBR – Unknown Author
Past June the 23rd. the Braga Airclub organized a small Airshow and the idea was to have pilots and aircraft sleeping from the 22nd. to the 23rd. and a small aerobatic demonstration that Sunday. I even thought on going by airplane but did not had the chance to plan things as necessary so I took advantage of having home at Braga and went there Sunday to watch some wings up in the sky. This Airshow was quite modest and only with show in the air visitors couldn’t access the ramp and stay close to the aircraft but with the restrictions of space and organization problems that would cause I think this is totally understandable and I really hope that this initiative gets repeated for the next years. I also would like to express my sincerely gratitude to the organization for a well organized airshow, with some faults it’s true, but with legs to continue from now on I am sure that if able I will try to be present next time.By the way a 2€ ticket was quite cheap so I cannot ask for Luxury when paying that, congratulations guys and keep up the good work. Here I leave You some pictures of the day.
Aero Fénix Museum De Havilland DHC-1 CS-AZX 

Aero Fénix Museum De Havilland DHC-1 CS-AZX 

Aero Fénix Museum De Havilland DHC-1 CS-AZX 

Aero Fénix Museum De Havilland DHC-1 CS-AZX and Piper Colt

Bellanca Citabria 7ECA CS-AJC

 Bellanca Citabria 7ECA CS-AJC

Aerobatica Pitts S2-B 

Aerodreams Comp-Let Shark Aero

Aerodreams Comp-Let Shark Aero

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