Dreamlifter lands on wrong airport

What if you see a huge Boeing 747 Dreamlifter approaching your local airfield? That’s right yesterday a few people around Col. James Jabara Airport saw a 747 landing on their runway. Apparently the aircraft was heading to the McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita next to a company that makes large sections of the 787 model for Boeing Company.

A Boeing 747 LCF Dreamlifter sits on the runway after accidentally landing at Col. James Jabara Airport in Wichita, Kan. Wednesday night Nov. 20, 2013. Boeing says the Dreamlifter landed safely at Jabara, about eight miles from McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita where it was supposed to land. (AP Photo/Wichita Eagle, Jaime Green)
Wichita Eagle, Jaime Green

How big was the error?

Although the plane belongs to Boeing Company it is operated by Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings and the company refused to give answers about the subject and referred inquires to Boeing that said: “We are working with Atlas Air to determine the circumstances”.

A Boeing 747 Dreamlifter sits on a runway Thursday, Nov. 21, 2013, the day after it mistakenly landed at Col. James Jabara Airport in Wichita, Kan. The jet landed Wednesday evening at the airport, about 8 miles (13 kilometers) north of its intended destination, the McConnell Air Force Base. (AP Photo/The Wichita Eagle, Jaime Green) LOCAL TV OUT; MAGS OUT; LOCAL RADIO OUT; LOCAL INTERNET OUT
Wichita Eagle, Jaime Green
After a closer inspection to the aircraft and runway Boeing engineers along with a new crew calculated that the required runway length was assured and a take off was possible. After that the aircraft departed from Col. Jabara Airport to its final destination.

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