LAM flight TM-470 Disappeared during flight now found in Namibian National Park

Last Friday an Embraer 190 from the Mozambique National Airline, LAM performing the flight TM-470 from Maputo to Luanda, Angola failed to land at the predicted time and its location was unknown. Authorities from Mozambique, Angola, Botswana and Namibia went on a journey to search the lost aircraft following the predicted route. Unfortunately the worst thoughts were confirmed and flight 470 was found crashed and burned in the Namibian National Park of Bwabwata east of Rundu yesterday morning.
The Embraer was a new aircraft in LAM’s fleet with about a year and 2900 flight hours and it is part of a strategy of the airline to get modernized and improve procedures and practices to become a recognized safe airline to travel. LAM is registered in the Black list of the EU of airlines that cannot fly into the European airspace but recently it reached an agreement with the Portuguese TAP to carry TAP passengers from Maputo to Johannesburg and TAP instead of flying directly to the South African city started to fly to the Mozambican capital city.

From this accident no survivors were found and the authorities stated that the passengers were 10 citizens of Mozambique, 5 Portuguese, 1 French, Chinese, 1 Brazilian, and a passenger not listed yet and the crew. The Portuguese Foreign Minister Paulo Portas confirmed that the Brazilian citizen had dual citizenship of Brasil and Portugal.

My sincere condolences to the families of all the passengers and crew.

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