When you meet someone that…

The place is Sywell Aerodrome, a very interesting place to visit with all buildings built in a art deco style with a nice restaurant and a small museum that I will talk about later on.

So an old and smiley man approachs us and sees that w’re not from the surroundings and here is a small resume of that conversation.

Old Man: Welcome to Sywell are you pilots?

Us: Yes we’re Portuguese pilots and also vintage aviation enthusiasts

Old Man: Very good I belong to the Flying Rotarians and today whe are conducting an event with kids but the weather isn’t letting us go to the air but we show them the hangars and the planes. And you what do you fly.

My Friend: A320 and a Cessna 140

Me: Cessnas mostly

Old Man: I fly a Vampire

Us: UAU!

Resuming, no words to it. To those of you who still do not know the Vapire was the second Jet Fighter entering to service by the British netxt to the Gloster Meteor. And to my Portuguese viewers the Portuguese Air Force also operated a very small number of these fighters.


from: http://silodrome.com/de-havilland-vampire-jet/

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