Eric Johnston’s Walkarounds

For those who follow aviation channels on Youtube there is one that you should see. Eric Johnston is an American who is always publishing new videos on Youtube about aviation ans his adventures and there is a special type of videos that are a treat for all pilots and avistion enthusiasts.

Pior to a flight a pilot must conduct a walkaround to his plane in order to check the state of the aircraft. Checkin the flaps, ailerons, rudder, landing gear and so on of course that some planes are easier than others because of its size or particularities that make that airplane different.

Erico Shares the walkaround of some of the most unique airplanes around for exemple the walkaround of the Boeing B-29 “Fifi” one of two only B-29 Boeings flying these days and until very recentely was the Only Boeing B-29 flying, but it is not only because of the B-29 you may also watch walkarounds of the B-17 “Aluminum Overcast”, B-24 Liberator “Diamond Lili”, Grumman Goose and others also dozens of interviews of wrtime pilots.


Cover photo: Scott Slucum and Jim Wilson for AOPA.ORG

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