First flight of the Tecnam P2012 Traveller


Photo: Tecnam

Past July in Capua Italy Tecnam achieved the first flight of its latest model the P2012 Traveller and this model is a very important asset on Tecnam’s fleet as it is the first passenger carrier. This aircraft has a capacity to operate with one or two pilots and seat up to 9 passengers according to EASA CS-23 regulation.


Graphics: Tecnam

The aircraft is powered by two Lycoming iE2 known as TEO-541-C1A engines with 350bhp each and are MOGAS and AVGAS compliant wich can make the difference when calculating operational costs.


Photo: Lycoming – Katie Bell

The new plane took off from Tecnam’s facilities in Capua on July the 22nd. for this maiden flight  with Test Pilot Lorenzon De Stefano on the controls and the flight went as planned with the planned checks of controls and engines and after some circuits around the airfield Lorenzo brought the P2012 to a smooth landing on Tecnam’s grass strip. Lorenzo later stated the was impressed with the remarkably short landing distance and was very impressed and enthusiastic with all P2012 program.


Cover photo: Tecnam

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