A very sad Day to all Aviators

Cover: Chris Holloman

Today Bob Hoover died at the age of 94.

The Pilot of Pilots once called was at the least a Brilliant pilot. Better known for its aerobatics flying Hoover has a life full of aviation and was a man who you could say that already was flying when he was born.

Bob Hoover was the man who gathered a few bucks to buy a few moments of flying and years later his flight instructor said that was having a problem with Hoover because he knew more about flying then his own instructor. The door was open and Bob Hoover wasn’t just a pilot but The Pilot.

During WWII served as fighter pilot and was shot down and taken as a prisoner in Germany and was held captive in a prisoners camp until it managed to get away and with the precious help of a German mechanic started a FW-190 then flew it to the Netherlands. Was also a test pilot testing the airplanes and crashing a considerable amount of them after finding issues resulted of their bad assembly in the theatre of war.

Was the pilot of the chase plane that flew alongside with Chuck Yaeger when trying to break the speed of sound and was chosen by Yaeger itself who said that if there was a pilot that he rather to have next to him that man was Hoover.

But the majority of people know Bob Hoover for its impressive aerobatic manoeuvres specially with no engines flying only with the stored energy of the take off and then changing speed for altitude and vice versa resulting on amazing maneuvers.


Blue Skies Bob Hoover.


Photo: Smithsonian Air and Space

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